This feels like the perfect opening to start my new blog.  I started this morning by stretching my arms up to the sky and shouting YES loudly in my mind.  Saying yes to my day and whatever it brings me.   Saying yes and being open to this new beginning.  My personal message always begins with WAKE UP!  I hope to encourage you to open to your potential.  Open to the power that’s within you.

Have you taken a deep breath yet today?  Have you filled your lungs and your belly with the breath of life?  Have you released the stress and tension on the exhale?   Do you feel any resistance?   Close your eyes for a moment and tune into your heartbeat.  Imagine you can feel your pulse, the rhythm of your system, the energy of your Spirit.  Take in another deep breath and then blow – with your lips pursed, like you’re blowing out a match.  It really is ‘all about the exhale’.  Maybe you need to blow off the steam, like a pressure cooker release valve.  Keep on gently blowing until you have released all the pressure, then you can take a new deep breath and you are ready to start anew!

Can you be fully present with your day?  Can you be fully present with your body, mind and spirit?  Self-hypnosis, like meditation, is a wonderful tool to help you to tune in, repeat your powerful affirmations, believe in yourself and bring in the emotion of success.  Imagine that your affirmation is the truth you are living.  If your affirmation is “I am love and light” then focus on your heart light and feel that sweetness.  If your affirmation is “I am present” then feel that sense of peace and calm.  You are in charge of your day – make it a good one.

Thanks for listening.  Nancy