About Mindfield Hypnotherapy

About Hypnotherapy

There is no mysterious feeling to the trance state. If you have ever been to a movie and been completely engrossed in the story then you know what it’s like to be hypnotized. Hypnosis is not sleep. A hypnotized subject is in full control of himself, fully aware of everything going on around him and completely capable of making decisions. No one can make you do something that you find objectionable, that you would not do consciously if given the opportunity.

In today’s world, alternative healing techniques offer valuable consideration and come in many varieties. Hypnosis is an extremely valuable tool, often overlooked in the search for wellness. Every culture has used hypnosis in one form or another and there are many myths and misconceptions about it.

For thousands of years, philosophers and intellectuals have known that thoughts can control both the body’s functions and human behavior and that within us all is the potential to heal and inspire ourselves and others. Hypnosis is the most effective tool to access that inner power.

What is hypnosis, anyway, and how is it different from prayer and meditation? Hypnosis is best described as a focused state of awareness and physiologically there is no difference between the three. Prayer, meditation and hypnosis are all highly focused states of awareness. One definition of prayer might be a focused state of supplication t the God of our understanding. Meditation is regarded as a focused state of contemplation or listening for guidance and reflection. Hypnosis is a focused state where you are in communication with your own subconscious awareness.

Myths and Misconceptions

Many people still associate hypnosis with the stereotypical image of a mysterious robed-and turban-clad man swinging a pendulum in front of a comatose subject saying “You are in my power.” Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, a hypnotized subject is in full control of himself. The relationship between the hypnotist and the subject is not a power struggle. The hypnotist is a facilitator and works with the subject to explore the subconscious mind.

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Applications of Hypnotherapy:

  • Create better health & peace of mind
  • Eliminate the smoking habit
  • Induce weight loss or gain
  • Stress management
  • Grief management
  • Eliminate phobias (fear of flying, fear of crowds, public speaking, etc.)
  • Natural childbirth
  • Pain management
  • Coping with personal problems, sexual issues
  • Self esteem & motivation
  • Sales performance
  • Improved learning & study habits
  • Improved sports performance
  • Age regression
  • Past life regression

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