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“Nancy Klase is an awesome instructor! Her wisdom and understanding are the encouraging tools anyone would need to start and finish this incredible course. Thank you Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!”

S. Walter September 26, 2015

All I can say is WOW! I learned more about the workings of my own subconscious in Nancy’s class, as well as learning to become a professional Hypnotist. Nancy has such great energy in communicating the theory of learning along with the application to use this profession for yourself as well as your clients. I feel like I’ve learned so quickly, and with ease. I highly recommend Nancy’s class with star status. Nancy can bring forth out of yourself, things you weren’t sure you could accomplish. She is truly a great teacher and hypnotist.

Terry September 26, 2015

As a student in her course,I found that Nancy freely shared her great knowledge and experiences from her career as a Hypnotherapist, teaching both by the book and from her personal insights over the years. She knew when to be demanding, and when to lead us to find our own answers and insights. As with any coursework in personal growth and healing arts, I found some of my old ‘stuff’ coming up, and Nancy was able to turn it into a learning experience, teaching us new techniques, and letting us learn how to be flexible with our newly learned skills in the modality of hypnotherapy.

I can, with great confidence, recommend Nancy Klase without reservation, for hypnotherapy services for trauma, pain, smoking cessation, weight loss, life change resistance, sports focus and improvement, and for coursework leading to certification as a hypnotherapist.

Susan S December 29, 2016

I already have found a certain comfort level in using hypnosis in my existing mental health practice, and I fell that is largely due to your excellent instruction, as well as your openness and willingness to share your expertise. I feel that hypnosis greatly enhances a psychotherapy practice like mine, in which one is already working at deep levels with clients. In general, I feel it rounds out the art of talk therapy quite nicely.

I will by happy to speak for you and your course, especially with any psychotherapists who are considering adding this intervention to their toolbox, so that I can advise them, “ABSOLUTELY YES, YOU SHOULD SIGN UP”.

R. Owens, MS, LCSW September 26, 2015

I learned to trust myself and a wealth of information that will enable me to go forth on my next step in life. Nancy, you have been a true gift to me and I thank you.

September 26, 2015

Nancy Klase has been the tipping point in my quest to lose weight and keep it off. I will forever be grateful. After years of diets and books and their collateral damage of losing and gaining more back, I finally connected the dots. Goals are great, but willpower was failing me. My conscious mind didn’t know I needed to lose weight and it was controlling my awareness. What was missing was a viable process to deal with the craving. I knew what to eat, how to stock the pantry and how much to eat. The final dot was sessions with Nancy. I now am more relaxed about food. She has given me the tools to control the mind. Eating is now more intuitive. I feel I eat more mindfully. My ego-mind is tamed. I have taken control of my life and lifestyle I feel new and enriched and I “ain’t” looking back. Luv you Nancy.

Cliff B. February 6, 2017

“This course is very professional, well organized and very practical. I am working in the field and feeling very competent with my new skills. Nancy is an excellent teacher.”

September 26, 2015

Nancy is a great teacher, very knowledgeable. She makes the course fun!

September 26, 2015

I would recommend this dynamic course to others. Nancy takes time to work with each student. She is very warm and positive and very professional.

September 26, 2015

When considering Hypnotherapy Training I did my research.  After reading about Nancy and looking over her website I felt she was the best fit for me.  With all of her experience as not only a hypnotherapist but as an instructor of future hypnotherapist I felt I couldn’t go wrong with her.  At the end of my first class I knew I had made the right decision.  She is very knowledgeable in her field and she does an excellent job at making you not only feel comfortable but confident.  I believe this is an exceptional quality for someone to have.  She does an amazing job at not only covering material but making it interesting as well.  I am grateful that I chose her to guide me through this process and extremely happy I did.  If Hypnotherapy is something you are considering as a career or you just want to learn more about it Nancy is the way to go.

Joanna N December 29, 2016

I liked everything about this course. This training has helped me professionally and personally.

September 26, 2015

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