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2017 Certification Classes

Are you ready for a fresh new perspective on your life and your behaviors? Would you like to be able to help others resolve their issues and discover their inner strengths as well?


Awesome Instructor – S. Walter

“Nancy Klase is an awesome instructor! Her wisdom and understanding are the encouraging tools anyone would need to start and finish this incredible course. Thank you Nancy, from the bottom of my heart!”

S. Walter September 26, 2015

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2017 Weight Loss Sessions

Why add stress by trying to go it alone. Hypnosis is the scientifically proven best alternative to achieve fast and forever results.

Change your eating behaviors and lose weight with this very affordable new program.
4 session – 2 per week for the wonderfully low price of $300 for all 4 sessions. Normally priced at $100/hour, a savings to you of $100.00. By appointment only, call Nancy at 910-232-2238.

Nancy Klase has been the tipping point in my quest to lose weight and keep it off. I will forever be grateful. After years of diets and books and their collateral damage of losing and gaining more back, I finally connected the dots. Goals are great, but willpower was failing me. My conscious mind didn’t know I needed to lose weight and it was controlling my awareness. What was missing was a viable process to deal with the craving. I knew what to eat, how to stock the pantry and how much to eat. The final dot was sessions with Nancy. I now am more relaxed about food. She has given me the tools to control the mind. Eating is now more intuitive. I feel I eat more mindfully. My ego-mind is tamed. I have taken control of my life and lifestyle I feel new and enriched and I “ain’t” looking back. Luv you Nancy.

Cliff B. February 6, 2017

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